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Covid-19 And Hearing Impairment

Covid-19 And Hearing Impairment According to studies, rapid hearing loss following infection or vaccination is conceivable but uncommon. COVID-19, commonly known as coronavirus, has been associated with various long-term consequences, including heart and lung damage and neurological issues. New research is now looking into whether coronavirus infection or vaccination might cause hearing loss. Hearing loss…

Find Out More About Swimmers Ear

Learn More About Swimmers Ear This is a bacterial infection of the external auditory canal. Otitis externa is the medical word for a swimmer’s ear.  It is a very prevalent issue among children. Because it primarily affects swimmers, it is also known as the swimmer’s ear. However, it is not confined to swimmers. This virus…

Begin Your Day with a Smile

Begin Your Day with a Smile Begin Your Day with a Smile: We sometimes make grand plans that we believe will bring us happiness, such as a vacation, graduation, or wedding. But the small pleasures in life bring us the most delight. Recognising and enjoying the little things will spread our thankfulness to other areas….